Renaissance is the rebirth of a fashion consciousness that is characteristic of the new millennial. Its genesis is distinctively backed by a post-modern plant that assimilates spinning, weaving, dyeing, finishing and garment manufacture. At Renaissance Vietnam, the state-of-the-art technology spins out the neo experience of a lifestyle of the future.
Renaissance ensures that its products are worn as an experience by those who ‘do things’ to keep fit and look good, interwoven with cultures around the world. It has come to stay as an active wear that is experience-driven and ageless. The company perceives the niche affordable luxury segment with a focus on the upswing in the spending among the millennial populace
Its resilient R&D spawns out its contemporary frontline products—Athleisure, Seamless, Swimwear, and Chino apparels and, Knitted and Woven fabric. True to its motto, Renaissance endorses the meticulous manner of adhering to technicalities and is driven by the essence of market-based origination, value and reliability. While maintaining a firm footprint in the industry with its production volumes, Renaissance is set to reach out anywhere between the contours of the West and the East


Renaissance Vietnam perceives the niche affordable luxury segment with a focus on the upswing in the spending among the millennial populace. For, Athleisure apparels alone record a substantive 7% to 8% growth within the 3% apparel market in the world. Besides, the industry is further supported by higher imports than the growth of the apparel market and low import duty in the USA.



Vantage Vietnam

An exceptional apparel eco system backed by a progressive government, Vietnam has turned out to be the preferred location for apparel production and exports. With a commendable expansion of its apparel exports to the United States, European Union nations and Japan, Vietnam’s triumph in its sustenance as the frontrunner is indisputable. The country’s cotton rich product and a second-to-none cost-effective labor have spawned the presence of the colossal international brands on its shores. The ease of its policy implementation and professional support allow Vietnam to open its doors to those who seek to establish the much-sought-after industrial engineering-driven productivity optimization plants.

Strengths and Opportunities

AT Renaissance Vietnam, we are constantly on the lookout for the prospects through intense research on and game plan for the world’s apparel market. With 72% of the youth opting for spending their money on experiences rather than material things, the apparel market is slated to aggregate $350 billion by 2020 of which the American market is expected to consume the largest chunk of over 40%, spurred by 28% of its population, the youth.

Renaissance Vietnam is all geared up. Galvanized by a two-decade proven track record of the principal promoter and team which saw through a stupendous growth from ‘0’ level to $300 million in the Middle East and the confidence of executing our habitual ‘zero defect-zero delivery slippage’, we have put in place our fifteen-year vision to be advanced systematically with ethical precision. Fortified with its competence in order execution, Renaissance Vietnam has won over an elongated list of top buyers in its supply chain. Rest assured, a non-hierarchical flat organization leading to swift decision-making and fast-track import penetration, speedy turnaround facilities, to name a few, comprise the calling of Renaissance


With over a dozen TMT automatic DTY machines from Japan, 50 Barmag polyester fiber DTY machines, 90 circular knitting machines, 40 Karl Mayer warp knitting machines all of it from Germany, 80 high pressure dyeing machines, 16 forming machines from Germany, 80 raising and sueding machines, and over a 100 fully computer-controlled jacquard underwear machines from Santoni, Italy, Renaissance is all set to meet the most demanding market requirements in the apparel industry. The efficacy of this infrastructure spells out in the form of 50,000 tons per year in chemical fiber DTY, 100 tons per day in dyeing and finishing and 10 million pieces per year in whole-garment underwear production.


Renaissance whips out high-intense quality products from its front-line research and production outlet in Vietnam with a “self-governing origination” as its core. The company assures every single customer with the delivery of a product that synchronizes technology with global ethnicity. Following stringent international quality applications, the products of Renaissance visibly rub shoulders with the best in the business.


In order to ensure the automated arrangement of yarn and reducing the amount of labor, Renaissance, at length, uses FDY/DTY/POY yarn materials. This is further complemented by the application of cutting-edge technology enhancing the quality of DTY products for an efficient and energy-saving production.


Renaissance is on the path of accomplishing an export volume of 15000tons per year in a range of applications that has a noteworthy market share in the realms of clothing, decoration, home design, leather, so on and so forth. The company’s braided fabric comes customized to meet the demands of the international markets.


Renaissance produces top-quality seamless underwear chain of sports and body-restricting products for export to the USA, Europe, Asia, and other regions in the world. The company ensures an output of 800,000pieces per month in production capacity and over 10 million pieces per year of exports.


To top it all, the opportunities of the Athleisure and Chino pants apparel markets are aplenty and Renaissance pursues the potential in the millennial generation all over the world.