It is the threshold of the upper crust, the rebirth of a fashion consciousness which closes the divide between the formal and informal that are characteristic of the millennial. Renaissance Vietnam ushers in the crossover between the casual and the formal apparel, the renewed archetype in clothing trends.

Green Factory

Keeping pace with the times and the need of the hour, Renaissance has in place internationally-acknowledged ‘best practices’ to ascertain energy conservation by adopting the contemporary sustainable features and components required of a ‘green building’.


“Like every entrepreneur, I had my ups and downs throughout. But, after everytime I fell, I experienced a heightened success. Because, in my journey of two decades and a half, I got my heart to the destination first and then I followed it.”

Radhakrishnan Putharikkal (AVS),
Founder Director

Vision of the Momentum Leader

RENAISSANCE is on board delivering the world’s dynamic Athleisure apparel market with a focus on the millennial rhetoric “Shopping for Active Experiences” by harmonizing the aspirations of ALL men, women and children in their celebration of a finely knitted lifestyle of the ‘casual’ and the ‘performing’.

The Model Mission with a Soul

Augmenting the apparel design and production interactions with the clientele, by ensuring the product’s balance between functionality and aesthetics; making it in Vietnam, the world’s most ergonomic garment production location; and, reaching out to the growing demands of America, the forerunner of the world’s fashion experiences and over twenty nations across the globe.

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what we do really

We at Renaissance, define, manufacture and tastefully brand athleisure and casual apparels which are the mainstream fashion of the time to come