Green Building

The key objective of part-taking of environmental protection and energy conservation is succeeded at Renaissance by adopting up-to-the-minute measures in every space within and outside the premises. The peak load on natural gas, electric and water systems is considerably reduced using various approaches—insulation, thermo-active building systems, renewable energy, etc.

The company is focused on ensuring efficiency in material, water, energy, indoor air quality, and waste reduction. HVAC design forms a pivotal part of this exercise. The organization relies on environment-friendly working which is reflective of its construction. The features of the building include air-tightness and vapor barrier, low solar heat gain, enthalpy recovery of exhaust air, daylight-controlled lighting systems, occupancy sensors, rain-water harvesting, materials recovery facility, vegetation, and site sustainability.


Renaissance is all set to become an integral part of the Vietnam’s economy with adherence to convenience, speed and perfection. To ensuring tall quality standards, Renaissance has ascertained the installation of a world class series of equipment and machinery which are second to none. Over two hundred sets of SANTONI seamless machines comprise our manufacturing facility with a production capacity of over 6,00,000 pieces per month.
The equipment capacity includes high-precision machines imported from Germany, Japan and Italy to be on a par with the best in its class. The production floor has an enviable spread of eleven TMT automatic DTY machines, fifty Barmag polyester fiber DTY machines, ninety circular knitting machines, forty Karl Mayer warp knitting machines, eighty high temperature and high pressure dyeing machines, sixteen forming machines, sixty raising and sueding machines, and one hundred fully computer-controlled jacquard underwear machines. Besides, Renaissance is equipped with a fabric production capacity of 100 tons per day bolstered by forty warp knit machines, 120 circular knit machines and 100 dyeing machines.